Modern Upstate Parent Magazine

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Okay, so I went to the new writers meeting, but was greatly disappointed that the interests of the magazine differed from my own. I wish them all the best, but I couldn’t stand to see my name associated with the subjects they planned to cover.

Of course I’m disappointed that the job wasn’t what I thought it would be, but the show must go on, right? There will be other jobs that live up to my standards. I have to trust that God will bless me for keeping high standards.

Thanks for reading!


Modern Upstate Family Magazine

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Yesterday, after fumbling around on, sifting through administrative assistant advertisements, I found a writing job. A new magazine, called Modern Upstate Family, posted an advertisement for writers and columnists. I applied immediately and sent out texts to my family to ask for their prayers.

Today I planned to call and confirm that the editor-in-chief had received my application. Instead, I found an e-mail waiting for me in my inbox. I was invited to attend the new writer’s meeting tonight at 6pm. Naturally, I was enthusiastic!

There’s not much I know about this position yet, but I will post tomorrow and let everyone read about what I learn at the meeting tonight. I am so excited to expand my portfolio and my writing experience with this magazine–my first writing job in South Carolina 🙂

Walks with Men

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I’ve recently finished reading Walks with Men, by Ann Beattie. The novella follows a young woman through two dysfunctional relationships. My favorite thing about this book is the character of Neil. He is a prick, to say the least, but Ann’s portrayal is interesting! Neil is an older, married man who approaches Jane, the main character, about an affair.  He promises to teach her about the ways of men and life. Only wear a Burberry rain coat (I’m with him on this one), leasing a car is superior to buying, and use crystal glasses for morning orange juice. He reminds me of a character from The Great Gatsby or someone Truman Capote would write about (a few gay men make a short appearance).

The last lines of Beattie’s novella: “I can hear you, you know…I’m right here beside you.” Jane’s first relationship is with a man who later changes his name to ‘Goodness,’ teaches yoga, and lives in voluntary poverty. Unfulfilled and seeking adventure, Jane leaves the farm where she lives with ‘Goodness.’ She works low-level writing and editing jobs, meeting Neil in the meantime, hoping to find greatness. Jane meets Neil’s wife, realizes that she should leave but she never does, against her friends’ advice. Neil squashes her potentialand keeps her from a full life, passively.

I have had relationships like this in some ways. My partner never actively stopped me from growing, but I did, just the same. Maybe that’s the real test of a relationship: does he cause your life to thrive?

The story ends with Jane, loverless, visiting her stepfather. I feel like I should write a thesis about this book. Timeless and deep.

Beattie’s newest came out in October: The New Yorker Stories. I can’t wait to read them!


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Sex is a part of everything, isn’t it? Lately I’ve been watching movies like “Taken” and “Trade” which deal with illegal sex trafficking, not that there is a legal sex trafficking. This topic can’t help but impact even the hardest of hearts, and mine is no exception, especially after a speaker came to our church from Australia. She owns an organization that recruits ex-law enforcement, cops, FBI, etc. and sends in rescue teams to bust the children out and get them home and into counseling. That is the first person I have seen who can make a difference. Everything else is about awareness and giving money, which is well and good, but to meet someone who is risking life and limb to save the most endangered species, our innocents, is convicting.

This is my newest inspiration for my writing and it will take me to a very dark place, I’m sure. I wish I could do something more than write – kick in some doors and arrest a few godless (no strong-enough expletives), but I am 5’1″ so this will have to do.

Writing with Parents

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Parents, I know you’re reading this.

That thought hovers above my shoulder, whispering in my ear, while I write. It didn’t use to. In elementary school when I would lock myself in my room after a long day, pull out a notepad and write for hours, I wrote to entertain myself. Later in college, I wrote what I suspected my professors wanted to grade, to read in the bathtub late at night only to drop our papers in the soapy water (long story). Now, with the possibility of each word being published, I am frozen with anxiety. What will they think? Will I hurt their feelings or their perception of their only daughter with these words?

How can a person be honest with thoughts like those? How can I write what I feel? I thought my days of recklessness ended the day I was married, but it turns out that they began again with that chunk of Roquefort; that Real Simple essay. There are too many things I can do wrong, and I wish I was stronger. I can be stronger. I will be. Just watch.

Deadline Extension

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So…for those of you following my progress, you have surely noticed that I am 7% done with my 100,000 words which were to be finished by September 1, 2010 (see date of post). I am henceforth extending the deadline by one year in hopes that I will summon the discipline required to further my career. Wish me luck!

I never thought I’d…

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I cannot believe that it’s time for the next Real Simple Essay Contest!  I feel like I just submitted last years. As you know, my essay wasn’t chosen, but I will not let that defeat me. This year the prompt is: “I never thought I’d…”. The essay is supposed to be about a risk that I have taken and how it has changed my life. My head is swimming with ideas. The deadline is September 24, 2010 so I’m going to get booking with this. Wish me luck!